The Brothers & Co. Entertainers Music Show

Based in Jamestown, Ohio, The Brothers & Co. Entertainers began in 1995 as a fully instrumental Bluegrass group made up of two sets of brothers from the Sutton and Deer families of southwest Ohio. Over the years, the group has changed but the younger generation of brothers remains, Gary Deer Jr. and his younger brother Gery. Visit the “Bios” page for more on each of the band members.

Today The Brothers & Co. Entertainers are far more than the average country band. They are a true entertainment group that draws from the fun of Grand Ole Opry style variety entertainment with original comedy, music and more.

The Brothers & Co. Show is a wonderfully entertaining blend of music, comedy and variety performance which includes amazing four-part harmonies, rich instrumentals, and old-fashioned, family-oriented humor all wrapped up in a neat package!

Hear what it’s like in their own words. In this video podcast, the guys talk about what their show is like and how they see it from their side.



Four Part Harmonies: Often compared to groups like the Statler Brothers and the Oak Ridge Boys, the “Boys In Black” offer fantastic four-part vocals and outstanding musical performance skills.

Complete Instrumentation: Gery, Ed and Gary Jr. don’t just sing to a soundtrack – they play their own backup music. Gery: Piano and woodwinds, Ed: Lead Acoustic and Banjo, and Gary Jr.: Percussion. A full sound or a quiet melody, The Brothers & Co. has everything to offer!




Our talented group of entertainers are well known internationally in many circles and have appeared on national television programs like America’s Got Talent and The Bonnie Hunt Show!  Whip artistry is a dying art, but pianist/singer Gery L. Deer brings it back in a lively, fun performance during the show.


The Brothers & Co. Variety Show is perfect for any age group. The content of every show is family friendly and features music ranging from classic country to oldies and pop tunes, all performed in the unique The Brothers & Co. style.