The Brothers & Co. bring a lively and fun personality to any show with their quick wit and unparalleled showmanship. Far more than a stage band, the ‘Boys in Black‘ bring a unique brand of old-fashioned family entertainment back to the live stage.

Each member of the group has performed on stage for many years and in many different roles, but this is their favorite. They all enjoy music and play virtually every type of music from The Statler Brothers to The Monkees!  This family group provides an entertaining centerpiece to any event.

Each of the three members of the group plays an important role in making them a unique group of entertainers!

Gery L. Deer, a singer, saxophonist, pianist, and professional whip artist, and his brother, Gary Deer, Jr., a percussionist, and singer, are the anchors of the band.  Ed Jones, the cousin to Gery and Gary, Jr., is a singer, banjo and acoustic guitar player, and sometimes fires up his fiddle for a number or two as well. 


Gery L. Deer  

Gery is the pianist for the group. He plays piano and saxophone and provides some lead and backup vocals. Gery also occasionally breaks out his saxophone and harmonicas and he writes and directs the group’s stage show.

He has been playing piano since the age of 12 and is also a skilled whip artist.

Gery has performed on stage as a variety artist since his first grade school year when he developed a ventriloquist act.

He has presented his music and whip artistry act on stages all over the country and on national television programs like NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and the WB network’s “Steve Harvey’s Big Time.”

 Gery is a professional freelance journalist and copywriter and runs GLD Communications, a public relations and media production company.


Gary Deer, Jr.

A good drummer keeps the band in time, and Gary Jr. is the anchor of this group. Gary (who we also call “Junior,” is a singer and also the source of many of the group’s comedy routines.

Other positions with the group: Comedy Writer / Technical Director 

Gary Jr. is an independent heating and air conditioning professional and continues to operate the family business hauling shavings and bedding for livestock. More information at


 “& Co.”

Ed Jones 

Ed is the group’s guitarist and also sings lead and backup parts.

He also plays banjo, fiddle, the viola, and 12-string acoustic guitar and writes music as well.

Ed’s other interest is astronomy and developing  his own telescopes.

Check out his website!

Other positions with the group: Songwriter

Along with the boys, is the band’s support team:

Debra Bays -Associate Producer and Scheduling

Julie Barth – Media Director and sound engineering support

Barbara Deer – Administrative Support and Craft Services.