Special Dedication to the original ‘brothers.’

The Brothers & Co. began as a simple, family bluegrass band featuring two sets of brothers from different generations.



Lois Deer

September 13, 1933 – November 11, 2011

“Do You Know, You Are My Sunshine?” – The Statler Brothers

Lois Deer was the mother of Gery and Gary Jr. and the sister of Gary Sutton and William Sutton – the original “Brothers” band.

To them, she was far more than mom or sister. The Brothers & Co. was her pride and joy. She went everywhere with them in her signature black pants suit happy to go on about her boys. After being stricken with Alzheimer’s disease, Lois traveled in a special seat set up just for her on The Brothers tour bus.

Through the years she cooked, sewed, and cared for her family, her love was her children and grandchildren.  A terrible disease took her from us far too soon, but we know everywhere we go, she is right there with us.

As her disease progressed, she rarely spoke, and then only in whispers. But she could sing, “You Are My Sunshine” with her boys, helped along by her niece Pam Suske (daughter of Gary Sutton). It was a tearful thing to see and we are so grateful we got the time with her that we did. Thank you Mom. We miss you and yes, we’ll do it one more time – just for you.







Gary “Tuff” Sutton  

Sept. 26, 1938 – Sept. 21, 2005

It’s very hard to say goodbye to someone who meant so much to me and my family.

His music lives with me every day of my life. If not for him, my piano would have been forever silent. If not for him, The Brothers & Co. would have never been. It’s going to be hard to move forward sometimes and his presence will be felt in everything we do.

There will never be another “Tuff” and “The Brothers & Co.” will never be the same. He was my uncle and my friend.  He taught me to play music and to ride a bicycle. It was like having another ‘dad’ around my entire life. My mom misses her baby brother.

My dad misses his friend and brother-in-law. I miss my uncle “Tuff”. We will all miss you. Thank you for all you gave to us.  Saturday nights will be a bit less full from here on but

I know you’ll still be there with us.

 Who’s going to fill their shoes?” – George Jones

 - Gery L. Deer






William Sutton


The original "Brothers" ... William Sutton and Gary "Tuff" Sutton, Sr.

The original “Brothers” … William Sutton and Gary “Tuff” Sutton, Sr.

Gery, Jr., Ed and Jim are sad to report the loss of Uncle William Sutton.

One of the two elder “Brothers” from the original band. For 10 years, William and his younger brother Gary

anchored the brothers band and he was essentially responsible for getting us going.

Following a family Christmas party in 1995, Willie suggested the we all get together

and play some Friday night. Friday eventually turned into every Saturday, and “The Brothers”

was born. Willie was our uncle and friend. He taught all of us something about music.

Somewhere, some audience is getting a round of “Wildwood Flower,” from Willie and Tuff.

“Catch this one on the third note …”  We will miss you.

And to all who have performed with The Brothers & Co. Entertainers over the years, we thank you!

2001 - Gary Sutton Sr., William Sutton, Ed Jones, Gary Deer Jr., Jess Young, Layla Nelson, Gery L. Deer, and Gary Deer Sr.

2001 – Gary Sutton Sr., William Sutton, Ed Jones, Gary Deer Jr., Jess Young, Layla Nelson, Gery L. Deer, and Gary Deer Sr.