Dec 16

The Brothers & Co Christmas Party 2013

Many people don’t know the origins of The Brothers & Co. but the group was the result of the late Lois Deer’s passion for Christmas and her family. Her brother Gar (Tuff) Sutton and younger son Gery always did music for the annual holiday party, later to become known as “The Special Place Family Christmas.” The goal was to collect food and other items for a local family every year while bringing the Deer and Sutton families together for a holiday bash. One year, Lois and Tuff’s brother William came to the party and Gery’s brother Gary Jr. pulled out the drum set for the first time. After hearing them all play together, Uncle William asked if they could all get together and try playing a little music after the holidays. That was January of 1995 and the rest is Brothers & Co. history.

This year, however, was the first time in 27 years that there was not a family party so the guys decided to have their own Christmas gathering, complete with food, decorations and gifts. Here are some photos from this year’s event held at Freedom Farm in the room built for the sole purpose of housing the band and the holiday bash.