Jun 17

The Brothers head to DATV’s, The Rob Dennis Show.

PRODUCTION NOTE: This show will air on Sunday, June 28 at 10PM on DATV (Time Warner Cable channels 5 or 6, depending on your area). Here’s a sample – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzz81-xUv7U


June 16, 2015 – Gery, Jim, Ed and Gary Jr., braved the hustle and bustle of downtown Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday to perform in a taping of the long-running cable television program, The Rob Dennis Show at DATV.

Formatted similarly to a late-night talk show, Dennis’s program is about to go into a 6th year of production. Along with guests and a co-host, Dennis invites a musical guest to perform throughout the show, in place of a “regular” band like you might see on the Tonight Show or other late night program.

Official air date of the taped production will be announced here on The Brothers & Co. page as soon as it is released. Until then, here are some behind the scenes photos.

Photos courtesey Julie Hicks.