Dec 18

The Special Place Christmas – The Brothers & Co. Undressed!

No, not really, “undressed,” but certainly out of uniform and one of us with his underwear in an unbelievably embarrassing position! 

The origins of the Brothers & Co. go back to Deer brothers’ mother Lois and her love of Christmas.  The family Christmas party really took off as a ‘show’ back around 1988 when the grandchildren would perform a song solo or with siblings, accompanied by Gery or Uncle Gary “Tuff” Sutton on the piano. There are hours of video – yet to be transferred to DVD – of these makeshift performances, one of which includes an original play by the Deer brothers niece Tiffany, at the time about 5 years old, but now has a baby of her own.

The dinner show became the launching pad for what became known as “The Special Place” family Christmas, when each attendee to the party would come bringing items for a needy family. Gery Deer wrote a story about the event based on a personal journal entry, now published for Kindle on Amazon.com.

With the passing of Lois Deer last year, the future of the Special Place party was up in the air. But, thanks to the family’s determination, the legacy of the event and its spirit continued this year. Had it not been for these annual family gatherings, The Brothers & Co. Entertainers would never have come to be. We miss Lois and and her brother and original “Brothers” member, Tuff, but they would have been proud of this year’s party. Thanks to everyone who came. And now, here is a unique look at The Brothers & Co. – Out of uniform and being with their family.

The party is held in the “Band Room” at the Deer family farm. This is the rehearsal and show development studio for The Brothers & Co. Entertainers. If you’re interested in visiting a rehearsal, they’re held most Saturday evenings when the boys aren’t performing. Just call 937-902-4857 for information or email gery@thebrothersandcompany.com.

Special thanks to Barbara Deer and Debra Bays for the photos!